Chủ Nhật, 21 tháng 12, 2008

New entry

This is my book cover for assignment 2b. I have created this after several attempt and retry. The front cover is somewhat simple. I didn't put any complicated materials in it. In my opinion, the front cover doesn't need to be complex. We can put the most simple image to describe certain things. The foot prints, in the original, has been changed to the shoes prints, to make it more effective. Also, in the back cover, i have completely changed the whole theme, which the previous one was, somehow blank and unprofessional. This new back cover was taken from the idea of gathering up many scrapped papers into one place, or the piece of the puzzle. Lastly, the typeface i used here is san-serif, which emphasizes the formality and the seriousness of this type of book.

P/s:I don't know why but the image's colours was awful. It only happens when i upload it into the blogspot server. I'm trying to solve it out.

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