Chủ Nhật, 11 tháng 1, 2009


This is a memorial token for a vietnamese student, Tang Quoc Binh, who was attacked in Russia. Binh is a brilliant student of Vietnam, and the cruelty of those who attacked him is unimaginably detestable. Binh can no longer talking, listening and studying like all of us here. His life may have stopped, but all of us here will never forget a brilliant son of mother Vietnam.

Card visit



This is my 2 version of card visit which i made for my imaginary future design company. I tried to make it as simple as possible, as well as highlight the company name. I chose the font Century Gothic for the main text, which is simple and more straight forward .

Chủ Nhật, 4 tháng 1, 2009



This is a photo of the camera LG KU990 which i have modified. I have tested several different illustrator brush sets and this is the result. It's not as i expected, the textures are messy and unorganized, there is no concept to the picture and some of the colours are quite off. My imagine picture should include a couple of more different textures which will be in cooperating well with the rest. Also, i can find it is quite difficult to seperate the camera image from a complicated background without losing quality. I'm trying to find a new way to solve the problem aside from using mask or extract.

Baskerville font

Above is my flash i made for the assignment 2C. My flash topic is a short advertisement about the Baskerville typeface. The font itself has a pretty long history, as well as a scarry road. In the flash, i have tried to create the atmosphere at that time through verious use of materials like classical song (Bach), symbols and old font types. I hope you enjoy it.