Chủ Nhật, 26 tháng 10, 2008

Sun and moon

This is my first exercise which has been given to me in this third semester. The basics for this exercise is to develop the ability to think and create a chain of process in order to complete a designing mindset. After a period of time brainstorming and bringing my imagination to materialize. I have come up with two design of the sun and moon. Each of them has a distinctive feeling and idea.

The picture above is the first design that i thought of. The sun and moon in this picture has been changed and de-shaped. My first inspiration comes from the shapes that i have been reading on the net. There is a recolonization that the circle, triangle and rectangle symbolize certain meanings. As described, in this picture, the large yellow rectangle symbolizes the sun, while the triangle symbolizes the moon. Why do i use those shapes ? It is simply because i see that the sun and moon have a irregular similarity to the shape of rectangle and triangle. And the color for each emphasize their characteristics. The sun shines brightly, which has a hotwyellow, while the moon, which appears at night, has a night-black color.

The second picture is a bit weird. Firstly, i came across a photoshop tutorial in which they taught how to make an eye. After that, i thought if we place the eye in an eclipse moon, i can make it more inspire and distinctive. The theme is black in order to emphasize the strange picture. This design is a bit extreme and horror-style.

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Keke the gao gao nói...

I like the 1st version, abstract :P I believe^^

However, if I don't know the content is about the sun and the moon, I won't know your work is about them^^ But I still like it^O^

And frankly, I feel scared a bit when I see ur 2nd version ;______; It makes me feel weird and horror. =__=

Dim Sum nói...

I think the first one is great. It quite easy to distinguish the sun and moon from each other.

The second one is clever. Creepy, but clever. The only time anyone would want to wear it is to Scare other people.