Chủ Nhật, 26 tháng 10, 2008

This is a side-job exercise i made during the last semester break. The purpose for this panel is to advertise for the C.N.C machine, the first Vietnamese C.N.C. Our group includes Van and me have brainstorm . Then we came up with 4 different layouts. In the end, we chose the below design. The design's main idea is to emphasize the symbol-C.N.C. The logo Tamsanh is on the top left corner of the panel. It took 4 different pictures to extract and stick in the main background.
Actually, the beta picture has more style than this one. But our client require more places to write phone number, address and stuff... So we had to change the original idea a bit. The redesigned panel has been made by Van and me in 3 hours. This is due to a change in the last minute of our harsh customer. He prefer to change the whole thing into something better despite the fact that the printing date is near.



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Keke the gao gao nói...

:D I still feel proud of a little bit about our work^^ Even though the more I look at it, the more I feel I need to fix some things :D

Dim Sum nói...

There are definitely things that need to be fixed, but it was a decent attempt in 3 hours. Design takes a long time to get everything exactly right.

Clients are all different and many already have an idea about what they want the design to look like. The hard part is getting them to tell you their ideas in the first meeting.