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Gestalt exercise

This is the Layout for my Gestalt exercise. In this exercise, i use appropriate materials to illustrate the content "The Secret sex life of plants".
In the layout, i have expressed 2 ideas of closure and continuance.
+Proximity: The two text boxes which i placed closer to each other but in different line. The uneven text boxes also help to reduce the difficulty in reading to many words in a whole at once.
When looking at the total layout, we can easily spot 3 groups of objects. One is the title boxes group, other is the text boxes group and the flower picture group.
+Continuance: Normally, readers read texts from left to right and from above to bottom . Therefore, this will help them easier to read and revise after reading. Also, it helps increase the reading speed and reduce confusion in reading texts.

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Dim Sum nói...

Where is the "alignment" here? Nothing seems aligned, share an edge. Why?

Where is the "breathing" room for the "text". There needs to be more space between the columns of text. The borders around both the text and images needs to be consistent. Having borders with different weights and corners is messy. Decide on one style and stick with it.