Chủ Nhật, 16 tháng 11, 2008

Photo Edit

This week i have learned some new techniques which are mostly used in photo editing. Today i will experiment photo retouching method that i think is very impressive and adoptable to different occasions.
As we can see, below is a photo that i took of my friend, Van. She is very cute and smile very brightly.

I use Photoshop to add a thin white layer and make the photo become much better. Duplicate that source layer, then apply Filter->Gaussian Blur and adjust it to an appropriate amount depend on the size of the image.

The above is the result of the first touching. We can see that the photo become much brighter and more sparkling.
Then we adjust the contrast a bit to make it more indepth using Adjustment->Brightness/Contrast and turn the contrast bar to max.
After that, to make it more glamorous, we can randomly add some shining rays of light to the photo using the following technique.
Create a new layer, then use Filter-> cloud then filter->Different cloud. Then we use Filter->Motion blur and adjust the direction of the blur the appropriate way. After that, we duplicate the layer to make it brighter. Then choose the blending option for the rays of light "Softlight"

The result is shown below

To make it even more sparkling, we can add some colours to the rays of light.
Make a new layer, then use a brush with big size and orange or yellow color to brush as follow the direction of the light. Then we apply "Softlight" blending option to it.

Below is the final version.

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