Chủ Nhật, 16 tháng 11, 2008

Practice 3

This week i continue with another practice. The picture below was made using photoshop. My inspiration came from 2 films "Lost in translation" and " The Da Vinci code". The wave of words in the picture describes the large amount of knowledge flows throughout the universe. It expresses an infinite source of knowledge and the desire to overcome even the vast space of human. When i made this picture, i had a feeling of faraway space, a distance and mysterious world. Somewhere out there, it should exist other entities, other form of life which we never know
I made this picture using the star field layer which i made and the wave of words using Filter->Wave. Other stuff was made using mostly Filter to add effects.

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Dim Sum nói...

From this image, do you really get the sense that there is a vast amount of "knowlege"? If so, explain how this design accomplishes that?