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Practice 2

This is another practice for using Photoshop and Illustrator to create a live trace of human face.

The below is a portrait of my friend which i drawn. However, for some reason, it looks like a donkey more than a human. Whatever, we can see that the portrait is unclean and pale with lots of erased lines still exist. That's why we need to make similar trace version with it for higher quality purpose.

Firstly, I erased all the unnecessary part (unrelated to the portrait) . I found it easier to edit and modify the photo this way. Then i adjust level for and threshold to make the contras more vivid and reduce some noise occur. The result is shown below.

After that, i moved to illustrator to attempt the live trace tool. After using live trace, we can see the shape of the whole face change somehow. This is inconvenient, but it is to be expected since live trace is quick and all. One more thing unrelated to the process, that is i found the curves made by using the live trace are somewhat interesting and creative. It can be used as materials for producing new texture easily :D.

The last part, i used the Live paint bucket to colour the face. The below picture show the process of colouring.

As a result, i found that live trace is a very useful and convenient tool to make a quick and easy trace without taking a sweat. However, on the down side, live trace sometimes doesn't not produce the ideal result as it is still somewhat a "fast food" tool. Normal trace with hand and pen tool and zoom in zoom out is still the best and hard working trace tool produced. One more up side, live trace product can be used to up scale as much as possible without losing the quality.

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Dim Sum nói...

Ok, that was a good review of the lesson, but you really didn't color the image that much. Its still very much monochromatic.